the hedonist’s pain


Here’s a some nonsense of my own for a change:

the hedonist’s pain

a glance
a pause
a tension no-one else can sense
a grimace only pain can cause
and then a hopeless self-defence

like fields of silk forgotten hair
dancing in the summer breeze
-the breeze that slows
touching! it

gently with the breeze it flies
across the face and back in place
and then the quagmires of her eyes
like burning coals on crystal ice
eyes made with painstaking care
nature’s selfish love affair
daring others to defy
their perfection

forgotten face
forgotten grace
forgotten love
forgotten hate
re-called re-felt re-sensed re-hurt
in an instant longer than many eternities

the gap from then to now was false
there was no gap no broken link
the wall of rock was made of clay
facades to drive the world away

and now the tough exterior breaks
the barrier’s gone
just crumbled walls
like jericho revisited

but all is not the same this time
what was then cannot be now
why would heaven fall again
descend to earth
descend to hell!
a second time

so the hedonist is left
of love and faith both bereft
no love no hate
just his damned fate
and his damned pain

and again


2 Responses to “the hedonist’s pain”

  1. 1 Rho

    I read poetry, formal and informal. I like this work of yours. Cool title, and it runs well (I’m sure with no effort on your part). But as you said, most of your blog is catharsis, and I know mine is. A lot of writing is. Great!–>

  2. Sad and Beautiful

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