Cucumbers in the Dark


More nonsense of my own.

on the roof,
the sky is cloudless but there are
no stars
as usual

just a boring pale yellow moon

a cockroach (i think) loiters in a nearby corner
atop an old can of wd-40
while my feet squirm involuntarily at the thought
in my kholapurees

sitting astride an incomplete wall
teeshirt sweatily clinging to back
jeans rolled up to ankles
i curse the bijlee-walas


plate in my lap
i prepare
for the first
bite into the wet green pulp of coolness

the name seems inappropriate for such a mysterious
beguiling wetly cool veggie
and yet it seems ridiculously apt

smooth bitter skin
gives way to almost creamy
relief from humid summernight heat
as extracted juice runs down off
chin, random seeds litter
the plate
floating on the water that seeped through
this wondrous cooling

i curse them alright
but i am also grateful
for those hot humid moments of solitude
when i eat cucumbers in the dark


One Response to “Cucumbers in the Dark”

  1. yes i know i’m not e.e.cummings.

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