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now isn’t that so bloody appropriate… 

thank God the bypass went ok….. i’m amazed by the strength everyone seems to be showing. like they’re drawing maturity and fortitude from previously undiscovered wells. Now that is a “geen-yun” silver lining

Condescending, moi?! He’s been a prostitute’s rich beau, an officer, a gentleman and a gigolo, but Palestinians can’t fathom Richard Gere’s latest incarnation as a cheerleader for their elections this weekend.Well known for his vocal support of Tibet’s Dalai Lama and celebrated for his captivating good looks, Gere urged Palestinians in a television commercial broadcast […]



When I was a typical little boy in Abu Dhabi, fantasy games included running around and shadow fighting in the alley between mine and the Bin Hamooda building in the hot, baking afternoons dreaming of desert wars on horseback with swords and other weapons that the average “little boy” finds fascinating in a totally non-violent […]



While we watch our own government bumbling through the relief efforts in the northern regions, it is, weel, heartening to know that our adopted role models in emergency management systems are just as pathetic. Two months after Hurricane Katrina, evacuees are to get free cellphones. I’m sure that a big help and more than makes […]