Who am I?


ok so i’m the short dark balding fat guy who nobody looks at twice. except when they get that nagging deja vu kind of feeling which tells them i remind them of someone. “who is he?” they think. “where have i seen him before?” “who does he remind me of? is it zayed khan?”


orrrrr…. “is it olesegun obasanjo?”

heck i really don’t know. i just hope the cia isn’t using this kind of technology to track down al qaeda.


7 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. i HIGHLY recommend you try out riya.com.

    it will blow off the pants off my heritage.

  2. Thanks for the tip dude–>

  3. lol! Dude! I had it with this website when the fluffy-haired, Butch lesbian feminist in the next cubicle was compared to Angelina Jolie.

    Damn. More info than i ever need!

  4. OMG!

    FINALLY i know which abbas you are – i was first thinking of one of your wet haired class mates and i thought no way was that guy so articulate…

    weren’t we van buddies under the tutelage of arif bhai at some point? i am so glad the binternet has helped me find you again – really enjoy your writing, and now that i can remember you it makes it all a lot more fun.

  5. have you been using fair and handsome? (cuz it’s not working)

  6. @ ahmer: it is indeed i.

    @ hemmie: stalker. why are you going through my archives?

  7. the picture you’ve put up is that villian from ‘main ne pyar kiya’ – the dude who tried but could never become a hero.

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