Maybe then


Tell me what pain is all about. Some sort of sensory shock travelling along a complex network in the body? Or is it just a pit you descend in? a knife flying on the wings of memories to stab you from behind? A bunch of burning coals scattered along the walkways of life? Does it have a beginning? an end? Will I know when its over? Am I holding on to it or is it holding on to me? Am I falling or have I thrown myself in? What lasts longer, the rose or the thorn? What has more impact? More reality, more flesh? Where lies the truth? Is it in the glorious flight of the bird or the shattered, strangled death in the electric wires? Do I love you for the high highs you give me, the low lows you leave me in, or the journey in between ? It’s been six years and I still don’t know where I am. Taking a step forward or back ? I guess time will tell.

But why am I so down today? Perhaps I need me to be hidden for a while. If there were ever a place where I could lose myself, would it be in her arms, above the clouds, or underneath the ground ? Right now, I can’t be in either and the helplessness of the situation is what hurts. So I just hide away and wait for another time when I’ll need to be in that place. Maybe then there won’t be a space between us.

Maybe then, for once, I wont be lost.


7 Responses to “Maybe then”

  1. 1 SK

    Just going through your old blogs….finished my work and have time to kill! 😉 Cheer up…though this was in March, so I guess by now you have cheered up! 🙂

  2. closed chapter, this one. sadly, the next one has taken the same path.

  3. 3 SK

    Yep! Figured as much. BUT….Cheer up! 🙂 I know its hard to do, but we have to do it anyway. 🙂 O.K. now I’m going back to the present and getting back to ‘cornering’ you. 😉

  4. corner away shehla 😉 . the iceman won’t back down.

  5. 5 SK

    Yeah, but what if he just ‘freezes’, unable to deal with the ‘superior beings’ Musharraf liberated? 😉

  6. superior? the only superior woman i’ve ever met was this mother superior of a convent….

  7. 7 SK

    Buri baat! You sayin’ your mom and mine are not superior beings? Sharam karo…this is how kids repay their mother’s undying love nowadays. Tauba Tauba! 🙂

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