Appreciating Landhi


Now that my sentence here appears to reach its end, I’m forced to mention the silver lining on this cloud…

– People offering you a cup of tea and getting offended when you say you don’t drink tea

– People offering you anything at all as opposed to asking how much time you’ll take

– Client staff actually trying to learn from you

– Getting nods from everybody (and I mean everybody from the gatekeeper to the Company Secretary) on your way to your room

– Being able to eat cucumbers with chapatti for lunch without declaring that you need to lose weight

– Walking in at 12:00 pm and still leaving before 5:00

– Having the team do substantially all the work, and then brainstorming with Shahab as if you did it all yourself

– The team or rather the teams. Constant tafreeh in the Conference Room

– The various versions of Need for Speed

– Memories of the ultimate question, “Ab hoga kiya?”

– The trips in times past to unmentionable places and the laughs we had over there

– Singing Ali Azmat around half the city in Raza’s car

– Being able to yell at the client staff and getting away with it

– The smiling billboard near Lasani

– Checking every Friday to see which movie is on at Gulistan Talkies

– Laughing, yelling and swearing like nuts in the conference room without worrying about what the client will say.

– Hearing even more raucous laughs, yells and curses from the adjoining room

– Unreconciled Difference

– The gunshot ring tone on the IP Phone

– Gevini’s crappy biryani which is all the rage in Landhi

– Master measles-wali biryani

– Trying to convince KFC and McDonalds to deliver

– The bhains-ology lectures from Sajjad Nagori

– Sajjad Haider’s “ho bhi sakta hai, ho nahi bhi sakta hai”

– Obaid’s bullcrap

– Raza teaching the inventory guy how to conduct a stock check

– Taking pictures of the Ideas people doing their own stock check

– Buying kapra with Jafari over six months ago and still not going to the tailor

– Aleem’s constant seriousness

– Lashari vs. Ali Ather

– Supervising with Ali Raza (read chilling while the bachas work)

I’m sure I’m missing out a lot here but this is all I can recall at the spur of the moment. Goes to say that for all our complaining, Landhi isn’t really that bad. I hope I enjoy the remaining one and a half years too.


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