Blood pressure, Pathan blood and the week that was.


Abba’s BP spiked today and he had to rush to the hospital amid the usual heart related worries. The ECG, Alhamdolillah, revealed nothing to worry about and he’s much better now but a couple of tests still have to be done. Here’s hoping that all will be well, Inshallah.

I sit here having just read about Afridi’s reversal of his decision to not play test cricket any more. Hah! Told you so.

I finally got released from the crappy Landhi assignment to go to the supposedly glamourous environs of ICI at west wharf and boy did it suck! The work is crappy, the guy I’m reporting to is crappier and the worst thing is he seems to expect that I’m going to be doing late sittings here. He even spoke to ZQ and had the goddam leave curtailed so all the effort put into getting HSA to work on the leave policy has gone down the drain. and exams ae just around the corner. and I don’t even know how to use a freaking pivot table, let alone make one. This is already looking like the worst assignment ever! shit!


3 Responses to “Blood pressure, Pathan blood and the week that was.”

  1. Hmm..I’ve never been to your blog before. Interesting.

    Khair, thank you for dropping by mine.

  2. eeek@ecg’s! back in the day, we’d gawk when someone said they’re having blood pressure problems. Today, ECG’s have become as common as fever! EVERYONE has it! *sigh* must be all the oil from bakra in kharadar!:(

  3. LOL at Bakra in kharadar. who eats at bakra anyway? other than the stock exchange waaley memon party.

    actually the BP spike was caused by some sort of compression of the veins in the neck due to use of high, hard pillows which has given him mild cervical spondyl-something. otherwise, mashallah, he’s as fit as an ox

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