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mein ne samjhaa tha ke tu hai to darakhshan hai hayat tera gham hai to gham-e-deher ka jhagra kyaa hai? teri surat se hai aalam mein baharon ko sabaat teri aankhon ke sivaa duniya mein rakha kyaa hai? tu jo mil jaaye to taqdeer nigoon ho jaaye yun na tha – mein ne faqat chaha […]

N: wat makes u think that an artistic temprament generally is similar to mine? Xill-e-Ilahi: well… N: you amuse me at times. LOL Xill-e-Ilahi: =) what’s that supposed to mean? N: ah well ***raises her brows*** N: =) never mind Xill-e-Ilahi: ok. it didn’t see mind-able anyway. Funny how its sometimes a lot of fun […]

I remember how Zaheer Abbas once told me that for a true afficionado of the game, the West Indian team was always the best team after his own team. True, he was referring to a past generation. I suppose its Australia for most kids nowadays. The same way its Brazil for football. But for someone […]

I only watched three overs of the match (because I was studying – so don’t ask, Fudge!!!) and they were the first two of the West Indian innings and the last one of the Indian innings. Awesome match. It almost made me reconsider my opinion that one day cricket should be banned altogether in favour […]

Happy Birthday.


cake Originally uploaded by Xill-e-Ilahi. Because you are there when I need you. And because I always need you. And because of the million and one other reasons I’m not going to go into ( mainly because this is beginning to sound like some of your favorite Hindi films) Because, in a nutshell, you’re you […]

Finally!!!! My leave officially starts from Saturday so I’m away from ICI for at least two weeks. Not that this leave has any ayashi element whatsoever. study leaves in general stink. they stink more when they’re shorter than required. khair. Allah Malik hai. There is a certain degree of unease about leaving ICI too. I […]

Humpty Dumpty will enter his room He’ll turn on the swith and then – KABOOM! All of ICI’s horses and Ferguson’s men Will pipe bomb Humpty’s ass off again… Boy do I hate that guy. I hope the Lahore people bust a cap in his head. Danny De Vito will thank them for it. Poor […]