Randomisms 2


The fan is placed almost exactly under the tubelight, creating that eerily ICAPpy effect without even trying. like the shadows in the abandoned housing block ajay locked us up in back in first grade. didn’t think i’d ever think about it again. light, dark, light, dark slowing now that the loadshedding strikes. my watch is still ticking away wildly. hellboy pushes his chair back loudly, the scraping noise snapping me out of my reverie.

are reveries supposed to be pleasnt, Abbas?

snapping me out of my whatever then.

a couple of guys drop by, idle chatter, nothing said. thoughts flit over to the assignment. secondment. same difference. different bosses, same problems. pivot tables.

turn it around it might make sense

selbat tovip. it doesn’t.

thoughts stop for a while as i try to make sense of the powers of the court.

Why does a section of the law have the word “etc” in it Abbas

CIA, sir


Govt is covering its ass, sir

noontime shadows stream through the windows. shadows at noontime? is there even such a thing?

think of a thing and it exists Roofi

How do you know this is Roofi, not Roomi? theyre freaking identical for god’s sake!

Easy sarah, f is for spectacles.

Ghufran is a better librarian than Jaffery. Or maybe i’m just quieter now. FOCUS!!
fan’s moving again. 3 pm 3PM??!! i’ve moved on to investments in associates. way cool.

Lunch karega?

luch after three in the afternoon. sepia coloured scenes of college flick through my mind. like changing channels you want to stop and see. i’m not at ease. food tastes bad. we talk of papers, music videos, cricket and work.

work. ICI.

do you? I see us.


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