Window to ourselves, boring weddings and the week that was


Watching the antics of the KPMG kids across the half wall reminds me, surprisingly, of my own bachpan at Unilever. Farhaj, Fahad, Sameer and Adeel might as well have been Mobeen, Hameed and myself. The poor guy Adeel is ragged constantly – the same way Hameed was about two years ago. (Well Mobeen and I are still at it but at least the rest of the world’s stopped bugging him). I guess auditors are the same everywhere. They even talk about the same stuff: evaluations, promotion lists, idiotic managers, classes, work, and all the other regular crap. The most punctual guy gets in at 9:30 (only an hour late) and the rest of the team is in by around eleven. Now that sounds ridiculously familiar. One of them hogs the phone (like other members of his batch – who’ll understand what I’m talking about) one is always working and one never is. Typical audit team. Maybe we PwC guys aren’t as unique as we make ourselves out to be…

Strike one more off the unmarried first cousins list. The shadi was boring as hell even though I only attended two rasms. All I can say is thank you Nazim Gulberg Town, for having the sham-e-ghazal at the adjacent hall. The attempts to imitate Jagjit and Nayyara Noor were pathetic (but still more interesting than the shadi) except for the Wo ishq jo hum se rooth gaya thing which was simply awesome. Helped the time pass a wee bit faster – make that less slower.

Humpty Dumpty of ICI is beginning to really get on my nerves now. He’s acting like a new job incharge with a bunch of probationers. In fact he’s acting like Wali Muhammad Bhutto with the new kids. May dogs eat his corpse. The only good thing is that ZQ seems to understand how rotten this assignment is and has sympathized with me even if he’s not done anything about it. The tragedy is that Zohair and I will probably miss out on the June audits.

Little else to record except that Fudge’s motivational/nagging messages about my studies are taking their toll and I’m beginning to shift gears. Parh raha hoon na!


2 Responses to “Window to ourselves, boring weddings and the week that was”

  1. lol.. such a typically male post!:P
    p.s. i love gate crashing into weddings… FUN!

  2. you would not have loved crashing into this one believe me. even the little kids were looking lethargic and bored.

    except when they were doing the commander safeguard – dirtoo routine. i love watching kids at their roleplay. they’re too young to see the futility of dreams.

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