Metrolite News and a rickshaw named Sharjah


People on Metrolite have a particularly wierd way of structuring their sentences. and even wen Sana or Saan T as she is known in certain quarters, (who’s not a regular)is filling in for the other girl, quratulain i think her name is, she lapses into the same metro style.

ab paish keraingay hum aap ko, eik report

afridi nay maara hai, aik chakka

bilkul bakwas hai, yeh andaz

I mean why does the subject of the sentence have to be the last word in it?

In unassociated news i saw a rickshaw called sharjah. which shudnt really be worth a amention from a guy who’s also seen tehelka, akhri grenade and even Daith aaf de gaim. But the thing reminded me of the patriotic spirit that symbolises a paki. no matter how much u curse them wen they lose – u alway remember their high points. cricket team zindabad!

oh and just in case ure reading this fudge, i really was studying all day today. even wen u were out tafreehing with ure buddies at luch i was in the library parh-ing. which is no big deal since exams are right around the corner but since u keep asking im telling anyway. as the mentos ad goes. dobara mat poochna!

somebody asked me to name a person who i would be most excited to meet. now i’ve met Musharraf and Mahnoor Baloch. I’ve shaken hands with Miandad and Wasim Akram told me that in meeting me, the pleasure was all his. Ahmed Faraz once said walikum salam and i have actually mock-punched the great Mohammad Ali as a first grader (me not him obviously). But to be true, i can’t hold my excitement at once again meeting my nephew. He shud be in Khi by the first of June. And he’s learnt my name too now. Can’t wait.


4 Responses to “Metrolite News and a rickshaw named Sharjah”

  1. cute

  2. hahaha! i’ll ask danish to ‘fix his, style’. :p

  3. good man. celebrities dont need the ego boost anyway.

  4. @ icedmocha: i know. unfortunately most girls seem to think that in the “sweet” kind of way. thats bad. i’d prefer the macho wala cute. **sigh**

    @ my co-nomenclated reader (ok i know thats not really a word): yeah. even if i was practically swooning when i met mahnoor she never noticed. they dont call me the Iceman for nothing.

    @ saphiya: you lost me there somewhere buddy.

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