Of Humpty Dumpty And Other Stories.


Humpty Dumpty will enter his room
He’ll turn on the swith and then – KABOOM!
All of ICI’s horses and Ferguson’s men
Will pipe bomb Humpty’s ass off again…

Boy do I hate that guy. I hope the Lahore people bust a cap in his head. Danny De Vito will thank them for it. Poor Humpty aspires to be the desi De Vito. He’s about the same height and weight, he’s balding too and he taxes his peanut trying to come up with some innuendo laden response to everything. And the guy wouldn’t know UK GAAP from Accounting for Dummies. And he thinks he’s an expert on Excel because he knows how to insert comments. Even Jaffery Sahib can do that! I could go on and on and on but why bother? He’s not even worth the mention on cyberspace. Compared with him, some of the guys on IWorkWithFools are absolute geniuses. Khair. may he rot in hell.

the only entertainment left in life are the telephonic conversations at lunchtime with Her Fudginess the Queen. talking about nothing is unexpectedly not a turn off. i hate to admit it but my recent immature phase is goint to be extended simply because im enjoying it so much. i feel like im back in my teenage years, playing the class clown and having genuine fun. wierd. i didn’t think you could have that effect. hmmm…. (waise have u realised you’ve appeared in a lot of my recent posts? see? ici really is pathetic. or i would be happily discussing Monica Bellucci or Claire Forlani instead of you….)

on the gharailoo front, the world at large is pretty mad at O’Head. As Wodehouse quoted in one of his earlier books, the name of which i forget, “Silwood is a sweet boy, but he will not stand the bearing reign”. Well people O’Head is also a sweet boy – and he has similar prejudices. Methinks its too late to do anything. Give him his space and tolerate him if you can, and if you can’t well send him back to face the music.

Oh and Polo liquid orbs are better than tic tacs any day of the week. But Airwaves is the only breathmint that can be used all day.


One Response to “Of Humpty Dumpty And Other Stories.”

  1. haha..very funny.altho i feel sorri 4 u. I’m so glad i’m still a young student. gd luk with the studyin man!

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