Bravo to Bravo or Sunrises, Roosters and Lara


I only watched three overs of the match (because I was studying – so don’t ask, Fudge!!!) and they were the first two of the West Indian innings and the last one of the Indian innings. Awesome match. It almost made me reconsider my opinion that one day cricket should be banned altogether in favour of the five day version. But it wasn’t that good.

Jeremy Coney on Lara’s defensive technique – and this is seriously quote of the year material:
“Trying to get a ball past him is like trying to sneak a sunrise past a rooster.”

And I just found out today that Gilgit is backward enough to not be accessible by mobile. Also that the Serena Hotel over there has an incompetent twit at the PABX which is why i had to call fifteen times before I could get through to my mother. Fifteen! Sheesh.

Also there are few things in life i would pass over in order to swot the foreign exchange manual. Even an evening with Adeel Noor would be more interesting. Well actually its not that bad…


2 Responses to “Bravo to Bravo or Sunrises, Roosters and Lara”

  1. 1 wild1

    Why am I linked under Murtaza? This is bad. Baaaaaaaaad wala bad.

  2. my bad. my bad

    ive made the correction

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