Calypso, Calypso-oh!!!


I remember how Zaheer Abbas once told me that for a true afficionado of the game, the West Indian team was always the best team after his own team. True, he was referring to a past generation. I suppose its Australia for most kids nowadays. The same way its Brazil for football. But for someone who felt that the best thing in the history of cricket was the four pronged pace attack led by the two Cs of fast bowling – a west indian victory even after their retirement is a mood lifter.

So the party’s on, crew! one more and they get the series win.

“we be burnin’, not concernin’ what nobody wanna say
we be earnin’ dollars turnin’ coz we mind de pon we pay…”

woo hoo!

As an afterthought, I feel i’m getting a tad too excited. it’s only a crappy one-day series. and thrillers or no thrillers, i still say down with limited overs cricket.

Also Jayasuria’s decision reversal has served no purpose. he’s not made the team.

and that’s about all i could gather from the dawn sports pages that was worth mentioning. i’ve sworn myself off ten sports till after the exams.


2 Responses to “Calypso, Calypso-oh!!!”

  1. Hey there,
    thanks for dropping by. Really like your blog title. But man your blog skin is irritating, cudn’t read two lines before my head started hurting from all the back ground traffic , will, however, make a concious effort when night falls.

  2. sooo tru abt australia nd brazil

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