“You amuse me at times”


N: wat makes u think that an artistic temprament generally is similar to mine?

Xill-e-Ilahi: well…

N: you amuse me at times. LOL

Xill-e-Ilahi: =) what’s that supposed to mean?

N: ah well ***raises her brows***

N: =) never mind

Xill-e-Ilahi: ok. it didn’t see mind-able anyway.

Funny how its sometimes a lot of fun making other people smile.

Life, otherwise, continues to be boring. Amma’s back but I don’t like cherries and she didn’t bring chilghozay (what are they called in English? I wonder). The renovation shit is giving me major headaches and the NBFC rules are giving me bigger ones. I hope I never have to read them again. If any of you prays for me, please please please double the prayers…


5 Responses to ““You amuse me at times””

  1. chilghozay= pine nut..im not 2 sure actualiii but theyr reali yummy na..the black shell with the white nut inside..

  2. 2 Xeb

    Hello! I like your blog template! And yea… making people smile is lots of fun! 😛

    Ps: I love chilgozay BUT its sheer hell to eat them!

  3. lol@hard ass punk… hey i take offense to that! *sniff*

    alhamdolillah ive outgrown my school days… (or so i hope!)

  4. pine nut huh? well one lives and learns. oh and xeb, if u were in pakiland u cud get the de-nutted or peeled or whatever u wud call it version pretty easily. its one of the few perks of being repatriated.

    @ sheza: my ass u have =P

  5. lol… i have too! i def think ive outgrown my cas days… sometimes i look back and laugh at meself!!

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