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i,who hardly ever write on anything political, found this piece rather interesting. nice justification by the author. i could list a million people who would draw entirely different conclusions. comments anyone? Advertisements

my people


i’ve been trying to write a book for the last three years. and the process has given me some insight into how difficult it must be for a mother to rear a child in a way that he fulfills all her dreams for him. writing, my friends, is hard! its harder when you’re writing about […]



it feels wierd. the way even in your silence you open yourself up to her. the way the three years of not seeing her seem to not matter. the way the eyes you love break your breast bone, go through the ribs straight to the throbbing tired heart. the way it beats as if with […]

puraana gana


yes i used to listen to ballads once upon a distant time. no that does not mean hip hop/dancehall isn’t my genre. i long for the warmth of days gone by when you were mine but now those days are memories in time life’s empty without you by my side my heart belongs to you […]

ever felt the emptiness that takes over in the split second after you put your tv on standby? that’s life nowadays. like im somewhere far away looking at life from above. in the abstract. work pressures, studies, family things all seem to bounce off from just a few feet away. an invisible, insulating forcefield lies […]

“…no wedding Saturday within the month of june” stevie wonder (1962) times sure have changed. not only do i have to attend a wedding on saturday, i also have to go on sunday, monday, tuesday and thursday. and let’s not even talk about july. why does everyone have to get married in this heat? and […]

or am i back in remission? through the stupor of antishstamines and paracetamol, dreams still manage to creep in. dreams of that which was and that which could have been. dreams of that which i couldn’t dare to dream. of luminous eyes and mocha skin and silken hair and sudden smiles. muddat huee is haadsa […]