Pichhan hut sadee chhair na guitar


after a brief hiatus, ok not so brief hiatus (i think that might be the only time i’ve used hiatus twice in one sentence – make that thrice) i’m finally back at my blog. and no it wasn’t entirely my fault. you can blame the amazing combo of the newly privatised kesc and the newly privatised ptcl for collaborating on an ultra irritating mission to knock me of the information superhighway. yes i’m the only guy left in karachi with neither a ups for my pc nor a dsl connection for the net. and yes i use windows 98. gives me a classic tinge. the golden oldie a la frank sinatra if you follow my gist. and as usual ive started ramblind when theres so much to report.

first off – exams over. and thats enough said on the subject.

that brings us to the subject of humpty dumpty. from now on we will refer to the man as humpty (mhrih). which means humpty (may he rot in hell).

humpty dumpty has pushed me of the wall
he’s pushed so hard i may not get up at all

and mr. boy blames me (he’s got some pluck)
to hell with them both. i don’t give a f***

the fat freak actually had the nerve to suggest that it was me (me!) who was responsible for the delay in work. i’d like to see him complete it at any deadline himself. boy am i pissed. i’m even more ticked off at mr. boy for believing that crap. i mean ive been working my ass off for 3 years now for mr. boy and it takes one 30 second phonecall from a lazy tub of lard to wash away all the hard work. and while i’m hurt as hell i can’t say i have any regret at being more or less losing my place in his paraa. i mean whats the point of working for him when he doesn’t value my work at all? anyways for the time being i’ve been picked up (after a great deal of political football) by mango and aitch-ell for hino. and thats not a bad deal at all. as i mentioned to mobeen, right now i’d be happy if i got gino’s. hino is more than good enough. it might even turn out to be one of those haq mein behtar things inshaAllah. i’ve got my fingers crossed.

what with exams and loadshedding and broken down phones and things i’ve not been able to mention that my nephew is here!!! yes in karachi!! and while he’s not yet mastered “mamoojan” he says “a-bbah-sss” better than several of my gora-ified classmates did back in school. he’s busy redefining cuteness. mashaAllah.

by the way keep your umbrellas in handy the monsoon season officially kicks off on the morning of the fifteenth. it might just rain soon…


5 Responses to “Pichhan hut sadee chhair na guitar”

  1. hahah 2 all..monsoon alredi? damn man..i love 2 run on2 the paki streets wen it rains..tis cool. post sum picz of ur nephew..wanna see the afro!

  2. its OUR nephew zehra. and there isn’t any afro. i’ll try n put up a coupla pics soon but going at my speed you’ll be here before i do.

  3. pichan hut sadi chairr naa guitar…
    going through all of it mr Abbass Hussain, it was to happen sooner or later. screw the sattistics but only 10% of ppl who work their ass off are justly rewarded! and you know the kind of labels they are honoured with… screw it.. dont give a fuck! all will turn out gud.. inshallah!

    and i bet your neice would be cute… but whay are you referring to zehra as your nephew?? shouldnt she be your neice??

  4. LOL @ owais. buddy, iced mocha is Zehra n shes my cousin which makes my nephew her nephew too. n i dont have a niece 🙂 at least not any that i mentioned on this blog

  5. haha insted of the comments bein abt ur life..i become famous instd! great yaar..

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