Today marks my first post on the karachi metroblog. and like all my beginnings, it was crappy as hell. there is a masochistic streak in me somewhere that likes the punishment a scathing critical comment can have. but to quote the one and only aitch ell, jub tak khap nahi machti, kuch maza nahin aata.

hino from monday. mango is simultaneously the best and the worst manager i have ever come across. i wonder how this assignment will go.


6 Responses to “Metroblogging”

  1. Welcome to the crazy world called Karachi Metroblog – Hey you did fine! welcome aboard

  2. is it just me or do desi bloggers consider writing for khi metblogs some form of a status symbol? that’s the feeling i get sitting way out here on the sidelines and it deeply disturbs me.

  3. halai i think its all about tough job in presence of people like poopoo,orignal-anon etc.Possibly me too because i did agree with few points of above mentioned people which are not darling of KMB team.

    I think all sort of comments should be welcomed otherwise we dont have right to curse Musharraf.

  4. i think i missed most of what adnan siddiqui was trying to say.

    Abbas i agree with you – to an extent. its not exactly a status symbol, but getting to write on a more established medium as it were , than your own blog does have some ego value. at least for someone as deprived of anything else to be all gung ho about as me.

    awab – thanks a lot.

  5. Abbas I think its not a status symbol but more like a step ahead into the blogging world. Pakistani bloggers are basically unrecognized and KMB brings a few into the spotlight.

    I also hope that our effort at will also bring a few good bloggers to the forefront which may have never come to light lost within the millions of bloggers.

  6. I think not being happy with our first post that’s catering to al arger audience is a natural thing for an author.

    I was unhappy with my first post as well. And the comments don’t make it easier. But they do serve the purpose of making the writer in us stronger.

    And with all the stuff going on as to who deserves to get in or not, Abbas Halai’s comment has weight.

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