thank you for calling. goodbye


ever felt the emptiness that takes over in the split second after you put your tv on standby? that’s life nowadays. like im somewhere far away looking at life from above. in the abstract. work pressures, studies, family things all seem to bounce off from just a few feet away. an invisible, insulating forcefield lies between. right now my old urdu shairi scrapbook, from the days when prepping for baitbazees was a serious affair, is my only refuge.

qataa of the day:

ley gae wo saath saree zindagi ki ronaqein
ghar ka yeh alam hai un ke rooth ker jaaney ke baad
jis tarah dihaat ke station-on per din dhalay
ik sukoot-e-muzmahil garee guzar janay ke baad

ahsaan danish. probably the only guy in the world to have recieved an honorary phd in the room which he painted himself as an odd job boy a few years earlier. (or so i recall) and that qataa just shows why.

i have discovered something new about myself. i do not like lewd comments about women i know. women in the abstract, i can take. but not women i know. uh uh. just another example of the hypocrisy that is abbas hussain. but thats the way it is.

N: ha aha ha! is that all you could come up with?

xill-e-ilahi: arghhh! you’re incorrigible

N: humouring u?…..killin time is more like it…M BOREDDDDDDDDDDDD

N: and you’re funny. there’s something about the way you say things

and all i could get was a “you’re funny”. the comic aspect to an unfunny situation. the way the facade fools all but those who it should. the way i’m read as the man i never was. the man i never want to be.

quote of the day:

you aint no nice guy, larry.
(stephen king. the stand.)

and neither am i.


3 Responses to “thank you for calling. goodbye”

  1. Abbas Saheb, bahut khoob.

  2. xill: love the qataa….
    who is it by?

    its ok….most of sur hypocites of the same order…i hear u…

  3. @checkmate: aadab arz hai…

    @ imtiaz: um ahsaan danish like the post says. 🙂

    thank you both for dropping by.

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