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while the title of this post does indeed refer to the nightingale of india, sarojini naidu (specifically in her capacity as the woman who wrote this piece of magic), like any good dan brown reader, you’re supposed to focus on the duality of meaning – so any other nightingales reading this can take this for […]

hulleye comes by.: taking a dump

this is beginning to get interesting. and the comments recieved show how much into other people we desis all are. the last table in the second row I she looks to her left deliberately ignoring the girl on the other side of the table. she listens to her neighbour’s gossip. there’s no makeup for the […]

yet more 55


the series continues… guest 1 he’s been sitting for the past two hours looking for someone he recognizes. no good. “should i remove one of the thousand rupee notes from the envelope?“ he wishes the host had the balls to flout the law and serve dinner. he leaves two thousand bucks poorer with a pocket […]

more 55


time, time, time! wish i had more time to write. until then tolerate my 55ers. and i’m continuing with the shadi series because of the shadi season. it seems kind of appropriate. father of the bride “i’ll ask them for an advance. payable by the end of the year. they know my daughter’s getting married […]

i found a really cool shorts site. and after what is typically icemanic in nature, an interlude that is so long its almost an epoch, i’ve decided to restart the 55 fiction thing. and syaing that takes some nerve whaen you consider i only made one post last time round. anyways here goes. mother of […]



Xill-e-Ilahi: …. blah blah blah [ad nauseum] N: hmmm Xill-e-Ilahi: [pause] [pause] uh… khair. i never liked the way people normally talk and chat nowadays. all the formality, the verbal flourishes, the “calculated to make an impact” stuff has gone. its usually just a statement in response to a statement these days. even the most […]