a waiter called jawwad


tonight was fun. even though the day started with me answering mango’s phone call.

we had dinner at the wannabe zone – taanbay ki kaitlee, because sheeba wanted to go there. been a long time since iv’e hung out with that crowd. sheebas daughter is an angel, mashAllah, sheeba herself is exactly the same as she was eight years ago when we joined college, roohama’s as nuts as ever and sarah is well, sarah. no need to say more. and unplanned and unorganized as it was (and frankly the food sucked) we had what is becoming a rare thing for me, stuff i could throw my head back and laugh about – without it being part of the class clown facade.

the rest of the night was fun too. even though it was a dholki and i dont like stuff that has anything to do with weddings. i mean most funerals are more fun than shadis. try singing aaj jaaney ki zid na kero and mujh se pehli si muhabbat meray mehboob na maang to the beat of a dhol when you’re a quartet of 20 something guys with voices like rickshaws – you’ll definitely get a few laughs.

i sense my readership has gone down…. not good iceman, not good.


6 Responses to “a waiter called jawwad”

  1. Ahh! no song sounds that same once it has been sung to the beat of a dholki (phati hoi)

  2. true checkmate, true…

  3. readership not down… i think blogger is being blocked yet once again hence you do not see the traffic… am a little surprised to see you are able to blog at all… i am only able to comment on your blog because i am at work and PTA’s blocking is unable to recognize my VPN… how are you logging… through blogger or remotely through email? …

    a couple of my blogs have not appeared after submission…

  4. not to worry. the ice man cometh. he always shall….

  5. not to worry, the ice cometh. he always shall.

  6. thanks for the vote of confidence abbas 🙂

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