and as if in response…


apparently bitching about low readership levels on your blog is a good thing. not only did deevan of the rambling on blog fame give me some dilasa (beautiful word dilasa, just like bharaas and takalluf)but this guy named adil najam, who happens to be an assistant professor at this fancy american university, actually quoted me extensively on his own blog which is very cool to say the least.

just the thig to brighten up an otherwise dull day. as malik would have said, main bhi star banoon ga


2 Responses to “and as if in response…”

  1. how can you simultaneously trigger so many different emotions on my part… you do have a way with words

    firstly adil najam reminds me of “zara umr-e-rafta go awaz dayna”

    ghazal to aap nay chaiR hee dee hai but deluge of memories is on…

    in the mid 80s adil najam was a popular TV host which i did not know before i came back to pakistan in 1992

    in the late 80s he went to the US and got post-graduate degrees and is an MIT alumni & a scholar par excellence

    in those days, rather than blogging, people use to rely on the newsgroups… soc.culture.pakistan & readership and contributors were of high quality

    through one of my postings, i got to know adil and we exchanged a good number of postings and replies mainly revolving around Faiz sb, Pathanay Khan and Nayyara Noor’s rendition of “kabhi hum khoobsurat thay”….

    till that time I was unware of Shah Hussain and I remember one message from him introducing me to Shah Hussain and this summer my most priced possession is Ferozsons release of Shah Hussain collections but I digress

    i guess subsconsciously this bug of “rambling on” owes its existing to adil and now u remind me of him after so many years…so do wish to thank you…

    secondly, some words in urdu leave in complete awe….more about this on a blog later

    thirdly, you have not confirmed how you are able to get on blogger….. could you confirm…

  2. whoa! i had no idea this person was so accomplished. makes everything even cooler.

    about logging on to blogger, fortunately it has not been blocked by the PTA – yet. however, i did have problems logging on to it myself when i was at a client using multinets dsl connection.

    i don’t have the same problem from my own dial up connection at home or at my current client (who i think use wol). i’m not avery tech savvy person so i dont really know why you seem to be having a problem. i guess you ought to contact your isp because its not like you were trying to access a service blocked by the pta.

    i’ll be looking forward to your urdu words post…

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