retards at shadis, nuts at work, and smiles in the clouds


irfi has had the most boring love marriage i’ve ever been too. all the rasms were more or less come, sit, eat, go things. wierd when you consider the couple is positively radiating happiness. happy life buddy. hope its more fun than you’re shadi. and may i never see the retard who spilled my mountain dew again.

my new paraa head has saddled me with the unwelcome but slightly motivating responsibility of review. this may not sound like much but when you consider its not just “review” but official documented “reviewed by” and all the associated shit it makes me wonder why the people in the other paraa don’t have to do it. they should. the increased responsibility will definitely improve audit quality and isn’t that what pricewaterhouse coopers in 2006 is all about. radical move. but its still unwelcome. largely because i then have to bear the brunt of mango and aitch ell’s own review.

theres something awesomely amazing about sawan ki pehli phuaar. even when its accompanied by power cuts and a sweaty two hour wait for the fans to go on again. rain in karachi is bad. the roads (what’s left of them) get dangerous, the electricity goes off, the poor thousands of homeless have horrible nights – and yet rain in karachi is good. its like every raindrop brings a smile to someone’s face. like the water somehow washes away the sense of despair in everyone’s lives. we love rain. and if its drizzling when you’re listening to tina sani singing faiz’s bahar aiyee, well then its simply magic.

bahar aiyee to jaise ek baar
laut aaye hain phir adum se
woh khwaab saare, shabaab saare
jo teray honton pe mar mite they
jo mit ke har baar phir jiiye the
nikhar gaye hain gulaab saare
jo terii yaadon se mushkbuu hain
jo tere ushshaaq kaa lahuu hain
ubal pare hain azaab saare
malaal-e-ahavaal-e-dostan bhi
khumaar-e-aaghosh-e-mahwashan bhi
ghubaar-e-khatir ke baab saare
tere hamaare
savaal saare, javaab saare
bahaar aiyee to khul gaye hain
naye sire se hisaab saare

faiz ahmed faiz, 1975

and that reminds me of another faiz gem. one he wrote in jail in the 1950s.

dil na-umeed nahin, na-kam hee to hai
lambee hai gham ki sham, magar sham hee to hai

nothing captures hope for a better tomorrow than that. nothing.


5 Responses to “retards at shadis, nuts at work, and smiles in the clouds”

  1. indeed “bahar ayee” has an impact every time you listen to you…

    “ubaal paray hain azaab saare” is apt reflection of the old wounds our “indigenious pain” reincarnated

    and beautiful imagery of “nayay siray say hisaab saray” old accounts settled once more

    fyi, first line has “yak baar”

    thanks for the memories as i am revelling in the glory of the music

  2. i have to agree with deevaan upthere. as ive stopped listening to music now, your posting this ghazal has my mind jingling and humming with tina sani. who sang dil na umeed? i think ive heard it in some cd or drama – was it nayyara noor? cant remember for the life of me.

    as for ur friends wedding…. u pakistanis just AMAZE me. on one end u guys complain on the rasms taking forever on the other u complain about no rasm. i’d much rather sit in a wedding with no rasms than one with rasms being video-ed!

  3. lol.sheza i was complaining about the quality of the rasms not the quantity

  4. Thanks for reminding me how amazing poetry and that too Faiz Saheb’s poetry is. I have to get a CD player. I miss music!

  5. dude u must be thanking ur lucky stars u didnt attend mine then! it was, come eat and go! i HATE, absolutely ABHOR desi rasms. oh and not to forget those nasal aunties singing their 1950’s luddi ho jamal!

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