who’s your daddy?


ok shoaib was already out. asif and sami are in doubt and to compound things rana is gone too. who’s going to bowl? the umpire?

the good news is that federer is still the king. finally we have a proper tennis rivalry. read more. as my brother-in law was saying, the michael jordan of tennis.

which brings me to the subject of this post. who is the greatest of the greatest in his own field? would it be mohammad ali, the flamboyant boxer who was an inspiration to millions? or michael jordan, the basketballer par excellence? or even tiger woods, the mild mannered golfing prodigy? none of them.

it would have to be and i mean absolutely have to be our own down to earth jahangir khan. this is the guy who didn’t lose a match for five years and eight months (five years!). a winning streak of an unbelievable 555 matches. and after losing that one match he had another undefeated run of nine months. he once won a championship without conceding a single point. i don’t think any professional sportsman can match that record no matter what sport we choose. true hero. even if we don’t always think of him when we list the major sortsmen of the past century.


One Response to “who’s your daddy?”

  1. true say dude. true say.

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