55 fiction continued


i found a really cool shorts site. and after what is typically icemanic in nature, an interlude that is so long its almost an epoch, i’ve decided to restart the 55 fiction thing. and syaing that takes some nerve whaen you consider i only made one post last time round.

anyways here goes.

mother of the bride

she watches with all the weary concern of a desi mother as the new in-laws do their own family’s rituals with the bride. face taut, nerves wracked. “that woman has no etiquette, she better keep my daughter happy”

the bride glances up, searching out her mother through the yellow chiffon. eyes meet.

“she hates me”


14 Responses to “55 fiction continued”

  1. aah! im getting married nd thats a scray thought:)

  2. haha! abbas thats a scary one! my mum in law is a gem mashaAllah, the very opposite of a typical mama in law!

  3. i love married life.

  4. ahhh i see i’ve touched a chord here…

  5. 5 SK

    This sas and bahoo thing is such a cliche. Sometimes I think if media, movies and stuff had shown the sas bahoo relationship as a positive one rather than the regular ‘don’t get along with each other’ one from the beginning, we would have had nicer sas bahoo relationships. Coz I do believe it’s been ‘put in our minds’ (for those of us who have one!) that “oh…this is how a sas-bahoo relat. will be. How about just taking it as a regular mother daughter relationship? 🙂

  6. 6 SK

    Your stories are really good though. 🙂

  7. actually they aren’t. because no-one who read this got the point i was trying to make.

    the bride (in the story) thinks her mother hates her because she’s boxed into an arranged marriage. the mother-in-law isn’t quite relevant to the story.

    that said, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. most desi m.i.l. – d.i.l. relationships are rocky. largely because women in desiland are taught to work out their relationships with reference to the men. they don’t normally establish the sort of relationship you mentioned.

    to quote a very old cliche “aurat, aurat ki sab se baree dushman hotee hai”

  8. 8 SK

    Oh…well I had this suspicion but then thought, nah, she couldn’t think her mother hates her! 🙂
    And I guess you’re right about the rest. Wish it weren’t true though. Coz even if a girl wants to treat her mil like a mom, loves her alot, outsiders just don’t get it and everything else combined makes it difficult. Personal experience. 😦

  9. 9 SK

    Needless to say half of my problem getting over ‘him’ is due to the fact that I considered his family to be mine, loved his mom like my own. So its like being torn away not just from a guy…oh excuse me, a jerk of a guy, but from my family. 😦 ANYWAY! Cheer up!

  10. was that “cheer up!” bit addressed to me or was it one of those “memo to self” things? 🙂 woman you need to cheer up like yesterday. the guy was a jerk. most guys are. forget about it. you’re way better off without him.

    oh and shehla, start blogging! i want to read your archives too 😛

  11. 11 SK

    To both I guess. 🙂 And, will do soon, actually maybe sooner than I thought. 🙂 And if that was a *hint, hint, get out of my archives*, I ain’t doin’ that Mr. Will read all of ’em! 🙂

  12. 12 SK

    And you’re lucky I am in a serously 😦 mood and didn’t take you up on “the guy was a jerk. MOST guys are” thingy. 😉 Seroiusly though, thank you. (No, not for saying ‘most guys are jerks!’ For the other stuff you said). 🙂 Helps…well..for a while. 🙂

  13. whatever it takes 🙂

  14. 14 SK


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