Xill-e-Ilahi: …. blah blah blah [ad nauseum]

N: hmmm

Xill-e-Ilahi: [pause] [pause] uh… khair.

i never liked the way people normally talk and chat nowadays. all the formality, the verbal flourishes, the “calculated to make an impact” stuff has gone. its usually just a statement in response to a statement these days. even the most impassioned of debators simply add inflection to what used to be the vocabulary of a six year old.

but every now and then our new mode comes up with a gem. “hmmm” she said. that word can hav so many meanings. so many contexts. yes, oh really, exactly, yeah right, whatever… you have to hear it to understand.

and sometimes bored people can be very interesting. hmmm.


One Response to ““hmmm””

  1. 1 Asad

    IMs make a person appear very different. He may not be as he sounds while chatting with you. And moreover, I feel, IMs take friends apart rather bring them near. That is why since long I have stopped using them.

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