more 55


time, time, time! wish i had more time to write. until then tolerate my 55ers. and i’m continuing with the shadi series because of the shadi season. it seems kind of appropriate.

father of the bride

“i’ll ask them for an advance. payable by the end of the year. they know my daughter’s getting married and there are expenses. they won’t refuse. thirty years of loyal service.”

he clicks on the lotusmail shortcut it took so long to get accustomed to.

“we are sorry but due to the current rightsizing process…”

the qazi

for these thirteen minutes that he’s the centre of attention he feels power in his being. his voice gets louder and clearer as if filled with a resonance that is achieved only for the occasion. the groom signs the nikahnama, thanks him, and embraces him.

he is steadily ignored for the rest of the evening.

the waiter

he sneaks a glance at the girls dancing in front of the stage then looks around guiltily to see where his boss is. The one in the brown shalwar kameez and gold dupatta is so beautiful. Just like he always pictured his girls in his fantasies.

“sharfoo jaldi aa!” his boss calls out.

“aaya sahib”


5 Responses to “more 55”

  1. that’s brilliant dude. keep it up.

  2. thanks abbas. 🙂 an appreciative comment works wonders…

  3. So refreshing. Amazing writing really.

  4. thank you 🙂

  5. oh my gosh..this is straight out of a movie..
    i almost feel like a silent observer,guilty of prying into someone else’s thoughts,
    observing their actions, thinking unspoken biographies about them in my head…

    fudge..u good man!

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