yet more 55


the series continues…

guest 1

he’s been sitting for the past two hours looking for someone he recognizes. no good. “should i remove one of the thousand rupee notes from the envelope?“ he wishes the host had the balls to flout the law and serve dinner.

he leaves two thousand bucks poorer with a pocket full of uneaten chhuaras.

guest 2

she flits around from table to table. “you’re looking lovely!” “long time no see!” “oh this is your niece??!! she looks just like you!” hollow words – yet everyone follows the ritual.

she glances at the bride and notices the one piece of jewelry she can’t wear, hoping the mascara hides the divorced-ness from her eyes.

guest 3

he looks around nervously before sitting at a corner table. no need for introductions, just discuss cricket and the weather. the families are obviously large and from all over so its easier to blend in.

this is the eighteenth wedding he’s attended in this hall. he knows nobody but a free meal’s a free meal.


4 Responses to “yet more 55”

  1. Naaise blog.

  2. thanks 🙂

  3. above works just as easily for eid.

  4. i love your 55s:)). keep em coming!

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