“keep ’em coming”


this is beginning to get interesting. and the comments recieved show how much into other people we desis all are.

the last table in the second row


she looks to her left deliberately ignoring the girl on the other side of the table. she listens to her neighbour’s gossip. there’s no makeup for the wrinkles on her brow.“why did he have to say yes to just her? i showed him so many girls. now she’s stolen him from me, little witch.”


she looks to her right deliberately ignoring the woman on the other side of the table. the smiling hellos can’t hide the flow of thoughts broadcasted by the distracted eyes. “if she hated me so much why did she bring me home? and he can’t even stand up to her. if only amma were alive…”


he sits in the middle tired, bored, frustrated. he’s been working late, avoiding the reality that is waiting at home. he’s nearly thirty and still no peace at home. he looks at the distant relative with the grandson in his lap and smiles ruefully, wishing they would understand.“theres enough of me to go around.”


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