from king to clown


i know that this post is slanderous (or is that libelous?) to the extreme but losing a series to the english hurts. especially when that clown panesar takes wickets and a wanker like bell manages to get three centuries – to date.

and i know that the following 55ers don’t make inzi any less of a batting god. i just can’t accept that we lost fair and square. aaargh!!!!

so here’s my take on what might have happened, 55fiction style.


“under fifty but not your usual run outs please.”

“how else then?”

“i don’t know. be creative”

“tell your boss he can’t push me around. i could tell the police you know. this is extortion.”

“no fatty. this is match fixing. go to the cops if you want. you’re just as dirty as we are.”


he knows the pull isn’t going to work but he wants to show the man in the black hat and blue jacket that he wanted to get out. having to go this way smarts. badly.

but when you take money from the bookie, you go the way he tells you.

or your son simply goes.


he surreptitiously slips the cell phone back in his pocket and waits for the manager to take a bathroom break. “we have to lose this one” he tells the boys in the pavilion.

“but if i don’t score a big one now i’m off the team..”

“don’t worry about it. woolmer’s in on the take.”


2 Responses to “from king to clown”

  1. bichara inzi…i h8 panesar 2!..hez excited 2 easily!

  2. 2 Qudratullah Inayat

    humain maalum hai ke woh match jaan boojh ker haarta hai. hum hi woh bookie hai jo uss ka bacha qaabu main rakhta hai har waqat. haan hum.

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