part of the reason….


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when by the end of the working day (and night) your dustbin begins to look like this, it suddenly hits you that all the jokes about broad wheelbases begin to become decidedly unfunny, yet you grudgingly admit that kentucky boiled chicken would never have made it big.

screw you colonel sanders for making a fad out of cholesterol. and you mickey d’s for making it an art form.

but i, yes i of the fat laden arteries, have reached a decision. i will become the first person in the world to simply will away the extra pounds. that this is partly inspired by the subconscious acceptance that there is no way in hell i am giving up on french fries is besides the point.

as the chinese guy said it, “where it is a will, it is a way”. that, my friends is what we call the zen approach to weight reduction.

now excuse me while i finish my cheesecake.


6 Responses to “part of the reason….”

  1. haha..ha.

  2. LoL!!!

    i think i’ll try that too!! daily biryani’s are making mountain out of me :S

    The Zen Appraoch to Weightloss! here i come!

  3. 3 Anonymous

    i think i would stick to my kinda diet i really want results and fast and ur plan well it kinda doesnt work so back to abs crunching and cutting the meals sizes down

  4. oohhhh…. ur post made me start craving Zinger Burgers again:(((>…
    You know u are lucky to get this stuff Halal.. look at me.. i ve been fighting my craving for the past 9 months practically:((.

  5. hahah….

    I do suddenly crave the zinger burger though! Havent had that in years…. MAYBE if I keep my part time job during the school year, this winter…. hah…

  6. hahahaha 2 funii! R u serious?? U seemed thinner 2 me this yr…”Will” it away..yea like thatz gona work hahah. While others crave the zinger burger i despr8ly want baloch ka faluda. Damn livin in london.

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