and senility isn’t exactly far away


out of all the things that happened yesterday, one stands out as being more than mildly interesting. after ages of pestering each other, link 3 and i actually managed to meet up for fifteen minutes in front of habib bank plaza. and the “surprise”, or at least part of it, was that link 1 was there too. it makes me feel like a really old “codger”, as hugh would put it, when i realise that it had been thirteen years since the three of us were together again. jesus christ, man! thats freaking ages ago!

and if the re-uniting of the 1993 chain gang wasn’t enough – the occasion was the announcement (and obviously invitation) to link 1’s wedding which is going to take place on the day before my 25th birthday! which is something like three months after his if i haven’t forgotten. and he’s not even a memon! now when your friends, especially the “my type of guy” friends start getting married and talk of settling down you know your hell raising days have somehow slipped behind. dammit!! i didn’t even realise they’d arrived.

i grow old
i grow old
i shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled

from the love song of j alfred prufrock (i think)


3 Responses to “and senility isn’t exactly far away”

  1. yup… time flies!…
    I still cant belive I am in the mid 20’s group!.. even children call me aunti now and its not even odd:((..

  2. damn, i hate being called uncle by kids…!!! im freaking about my upcoming 23rd birthday now…. hah

  3. You will find that time accelerates as you age. I’m suffering from the g-force! Sorry, chum but it doesn’t get any better!

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