of e. coli, us and the crazies.


sometimes you get bitten by the crazy bug. the risk of this multiplies exponentially when the three people who are hanging out together happen to be the turk, the stud and yours truly. they say that in a death free environment e. coli bacteria can multiply from being a single cell to four milion kilograms of the stuff in around 24 hours. when the three of us are together thats what happens with wild ideas.

take for example friday night. one of those rare occasions when the turk and i were actually free to go home at five. yes five. i kid you not. what we did was of course the exact opposite. we made our way to the stud’s office, told him to give his team the vening off and then virtually kidnapped him and hijacked his car. and that’s just the beginning. unable to decide on a place in karachi where all three of us would be willing to have dinner we got the bright idea of driving to hyderabad and trying out some palla machli – which is some kind of fish that is found only in the indus delta. and this is indeed craziness considering that the stud drives a suzuki khyber which does not have a jack in the trunk and does not exactly sport the most reliable set of tyres in the world.

anyways 10:00 pm found us on a lonely stretch of the highway around eighty kilometres from karachi, the teriyaki boys blaring their track from fast and furious on the deck, and the flashing lights of a highway police suv around a kilometre behind the car. which is when we realised that we did not have a driving license between us and that the car’s registration documents were not in the car but in a file on the stud’s desk back at his house.


yeah it happens.

the sane thing to do under such circumstances is to pull over and hope the lights aren’t for you and if they are to beg and cry and attempt to bribe your way out of the mess. the crazy way is to pull a one eighty without slowing down and drift over the grass that serves as the traffic island and tear away back to karachi. no prizes for guessing what we did.

fortunately the suv wasn’t chasing us anyway and we made it back without further adrenalin.

and meeruth is good enough for dinner fter an adventure like that. our legend grows. we now have the almost trip to hyderabad to add to our other asinine attempts at finding entertainment. as if the alaptops at the zoo and the ties at the beach weren’t dumb enough.

i wonder if you know
how they live in tokyo
if you see me then you mean it
then you know you have to go
fast and furious ! drift, drift, drift
fast and furious ! drift, drift, drift….

i love being crazy.


8 Responses to “of e. coli, us and the crazies.”

  1. he he loved your story of crazy bug which i can totally relate to..cos it bit me n my accomplice on saturday…. and the situaion was quite similer to yours around karachi but far far away…. the details of which i am not gonna go to ;P except that i m happy to state that i got out alive and am able to write a piece of advice to you NEVER BE ADVENTUROUS IN( OR AROUND) KARACHI! πŸ˜‰

  2. hahaha ur damn crazy and hav been so 4rm a vry young age…pistols incident @ 107 with raza b. live life 2 the full i say!

  3. 3 eteraz

    i came to ur fairly interesting blog via karachi metroblogging.

    im an american-pakistani blogger. i was hoping you’d come by my site and look through some of my writings on pakistan.

    we don’t have to agree but perhaps we can support one another.


  4. i dont want no problem,
    because me pooroofessiooonal!

  5. I loved that you thought of the sensible thing to do……and then did the opposite

  6. so no palla mucchli? happy craziness πŸ˜‰

  7. I wish you all the best in your quest to find (new) sources of entertainment in and around Karachi πŸ™‚

  8. lolzzzzzzzz!!!!!

    abbass! u crack me up!!! next time.. just go2 da fountain man πŸ˜€

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