nice birthday


the cool thing about this birthday (apart from the fact that this was the fifth time that it was divisible by five) was that i spent it among a groupof people who were all almost exactly the same age i am – and have known me long enough to make the age factor inconsequential. i can be as mature or immature around them as i please. and that despite the fact that we meet around once in an olympic cycle.

ali’s wedding last night was cool. it was more than cool. if i had been the marrying kind, i’d want to have a wedding like ali’s. or maybe i just had more fun because there were so many old friends around. i mean i’d all but forgotten that danish hasan ever existed. rasheed has become the enterprising entrepreneurship-encouraging memon self that you would expect him to be, faraz and i felt right at home with our corny immature jokes, farheen hasn’t changed at all and ali is well, ali. which brings us to a crucial grammatical question – is sara a linklet or a linkette? wierd how i still can’t believe that he actually got married.

all in all, fun. even if they had to make a corny production out of wishing me a happy birthday on the stage.

oh and all the people who were trying to get me on my cell – well i’m on again, same number.


7 Responses to “nice birthday”

  1. happy (belated) birthday man!

  2. thanks bro

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Saw your comment at Eteraz. Obviously Eteraz does not think like a girl, your blog is more than “fairly interesting” it’s awesome!

    Love the decor and the reading – you’re going on my blogroll.


  4. awww shucks what can i say? [blush, blush] thank you! thank you!

  5. sth happened to ur blog template..the museum rooftop background vanished!! happy bday 2 u…n happy shadi to ur frnd.

  6. Hope you have a great year.
    wish you poignance in your writing..hahha.
    And those of us who fail to be humrous speak of pain.
    *points to self*

    But anyway i enjoy that dark humor in your writing that you see as corny half-jokes.

    Btw, i had to look up the word..:P

  7. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Bithday to you. Okay I’ll stop singing now as my staff is giving me ‘she’s going bonkers again look’

    Happy Bilated Birthday.

    tum jiyo hazaroon baras
    aur her baras k din hon hazar

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