“crikey?” no i’ll go with “feakin’ hell!”



double dang.

i know that i was the last person alive who watched animal planet regularly. so the news of the crocodile hunter’s death being on everyone’s mouths came as a bit of a surprise. maybe they heard of it from all the animals that were celebrating the departure of the one guy who wasn’t scared of anything they could throw at him. well the law of averages got him in the end. its wierd how much life is like vegas.

or how murphy was probably the world’s greatest legislator.

everything was going pretty good. i got the report signed and all and was looking forward to a few days of chilling in the office before the exam leave. and then the twin headed spectre of aitch ell and mangoo (may they rot in hell) just had to show up on the scene. not only has mangoo reinserted himself into the assignment – which basically means that i have to put up with ten tonnes of bullshit and at least a thousand wasted man hours, not to mention the wear and tear of my mental peace – but aitch ell in all his sagacity and wisdom decided to dock the leave to a lousy 67 days. i mean what the hell am i supposed to achieve in that time frame? these two are really world class tits. one is a universally accepted moron and the other is a prize asshole. may they both rot in hell.

i really hope steve’s sting ray pays these two a visit before december.

in other shitty news england managed to win another match against pakistan. a one-day international for christ’s sake! that is as pathetic as losing to goddamn zimbabwe. the only good thing about the match was razzaq’s auperlative performance and apparent return to form. shades of viv richards. is the razzler going to razzle dazzle pakistan’s way the icc champions trophy? i sure hope so.


One Response to ““crikey?” no i’ll go with “feakin’ hell!””

  1. yea poor steve irwin. gud luk with the xamz? wen r they btw? i miss karachi nd dadi. gd luk with things bro–>

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