tagged (unwillingly!) by xhra


ok here goes, cuz.

am thinking about…

the irony in life that gives me less time to write now that i’m studying and gives more time to write to cousins who have only just started university…

i said…

that inzamam would never be acquitted of the disrepute charge, madugalle or no madugalle, and i was right. shit. i should have said something else.

i want…

a tall glass of iced orange juice – still an hour till iftari

i wish…

there was some way i could get through my exams without actually getting examined.

i miss…

no, i mister.

i hear…

loads of crows. i think one of them has died and there’s a whole bloody army on the telephone wires outside.

i wonder

definitely. i was about to say so myself.

i regret..

not having kept in touch with sonya rizvi when she left school. now she’s sonya jehan, big time actress, model and whatnot and i’m still plain old me.

i am…

therefore i think.

i dance..

to quote a classmate “like a drunk, blindfolded, one legged gorilla”

i sing…

pretty much the same way. only replace “one legged” with “laryngitis afflicted”

i cry..

a few times every twenty five years.

i am not always…

red headed. in fact i haven’t been red headed since anand spilled the red ink on my head in fourth grade.

i write..

yeah. and i right.

i confuse…

deliberately. sometimes it fun watching other trying to make sense of the crap i’ve told them.

i need..

…oh the list is looong.

i should try…

kheer. but i’m not going to. ever.

i finish…

last most of the time. thats why i never race.


One Response to “tagged (unwillingly!) by xhra”

  1. lolzzz..thanx 4 makin me famous. errr…funni stuff. didnt no u wer anti-kheer. must try nd shove sum in2 ur salan wen ur not lookin heheh..

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