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shola tha, bujh gaya hoon, hawaein mujhe na do mein kab ka ja chuka hoon sadaein mujhe na do jo zehar pee chuka hoon tum hee nay mujhe diya ab tum to zindagee ki duaaein mujhe na do aisa kahin na ho ke palat kar na aa sakoon har baar duur jaa ke sadaein mujhe […]

better day


the human capacity for briefly forgetting depression is amazing. just got off the phone after a pretty long conversation with nasir – something we’ve not done since he moved to london. nice talking to old buddies especially when it turns out they’re still buddies and haven’t drifted away yet. also a meet up with the […]

ocular humidity


that, i suppose, could be the new cool, scientific, dispassionate way of saying you’re about to cry. “honey, that scene was so moving. my ocular humidity level is way up there…” or “i was laughing so hard at his joke that my ocular humidity increased to precipitation levels”. who knows, it might just catch on. […]

i have this versace teeshirt which i bought in the summer of ’99. its grey, with some italian gibberish on the front which starts of with the heading, “certificato di autentcia”; certficate of authenticity i presume. the writing is all faded now so i only ever wear it when i’m going to sleep or when […]

according to the modigliani-miller theorem, if there were no taxes, or bankruptcy costs or assymetric information (between parties to a transaction), and if it were operating in an efficient market, the value of a company would not be effected by its means of finance. the irony here is not that there are so many unreal […]

as dj shadow would have said…. at the starting of the week at summit talks you’ll hear them speak it’s only monday negotiations breaking down see those leaders start to frown it’s sword and gun day tomorrow never comes until it’s too late you could be sitting taking lunch the news will hit you like […]