better day


the human capacity for briefly forgetting depression is amazing. just got off the phone after a pretty long conversation with nasir – something we’ve not done since he moved to london. nice talking to old buddies especially when it turns out they’re still buddies and haven’t drifted away yet.

also a meet up with the stud and the turk is bound to be fun. even if its an iftari at seaview of all places. for some strange reason we kept coming across the same battered 1963 corolla all afternoon and evening (and when i say battered i really mean battered. it was like a moving scrap heap. i swear the bonnet and trunk were on the same side) and we ended up having a race – us in reverse (i kid you not) and the poor guy going straight. the glory of iftar time is the empty roads that enable you to actually get into such a situation. we would have won if we didn’t have to avoid the traffic undas loitering around looking for advance eidee.

the rest of the evening was spent around tariq road in a pointless attempt to see if it is possible to buy a black kurta on eid which doesnt look like its come out of a seventies musical a la saturday night fever. its not. also we spent an hour listening to a lousy track debating over whether the lyrics were in spanish or japanese. no consensus was reached.

loads of fun.

could’ve been perfect though. you could have been there.


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