the fat lady has sung


shola tha, bujh gaya hoon, hawaein mujhe na do
mein kab ka ja chuka hoon sadaein mujhe na do

jo zehar pee chuka hoon tum hee nay mujhe diya
ab tum to zindagee ki duaaein mujhe na do

aisa kahin na ho ke palat kar na aa sakoon
har baar duur jaa ke sadaein mujhe na do

kab mujh ko aiteraaf-e-muhabbat na tha faraz
kab mein nay yeh kaha tha sazaein mujhe na do

quit it. its not helping you. you don’t need it. i don’t need it. and strong as i try to be, i’m no superman. there are things i can’t cope with. there are reasons why i’ve satisfied myself with a second class relationship and yes, i know the blame is all squarely on my shoulders and yes, you’re fully entitled to hate me for it but there is a limit to the pain relieving capabilities of denial. and after that it harms you more than it helps you. for christ’s sake you know this way better than i do. i mean who’s the survivor and who’s the masochist?

don’t do this self-torture thing. you hurt me more than you hurt yourself.


One Response to “the fat lady has sung”

  1. hmm… I was considering how to comment. Or what to comment. It takes time. Will take time. Stop thinking. 🙂

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