anthony uncle


he dresses like your average indo-paki middle calss senior citizen; grey trousers, navy socks, black leather loafers and the obligatory blue cotton half sleeved shirt with the first two buttons undone. he’s got that arrogant swagger of the retired bureaucrat coupled with the disapproving gaze of christopher lee. only he’s a dead ringer for anthony quinn. i wonder if they actually mass-produced a bunch of these guys in the old days or are they just genetically programmed to be this way. the quaid-e-azam model as we used to call them when i was a kid.

“ball kahan hai?”

“yaar mirza sahab kay ghar mein gaee hai.”

“mirza sahab kaun?”

“yaar wohi quaid-e-azam uncle.”


anyways this guy sits there from before 9:00 till what i imagine is his lunch time at 1:00 when he finally puts down whatever he’s reading and leaves. and boy does this guy read. the pile he created by the time he left the library today consisted of dawn, the news, jang, akhbar-e-jahan, morning special, mag, newsweek, reader’s digest, herald and khwateen digest. and yes he ogles at all the pictures of women modeling sitara lawn and nishat linen which is why i get irritated at his hypocritical disapproving glares at me bobbing my head in time to the beat on my ipod.

and whats the point of listening to listening to sean paul if you aren’t going to be at least vibrating if not gyrating?

and to those who approve of my taste in movies you have to watch the departed. vintage scorcese and for once di caprio is looking like he can act. nicholson of course is at his classic best and wahlberg makes a surprisingly good cameo. its worth a couple of hours of your free time.


6 Responses to “anthony uncle”

  1. lolz @ the uncle jee. i’m more concernd abt ur choice of musik man..y sean paul??? departedz a class act off shittt. gr8 actin all around. hope ur studyingz goin nd goes well.

  2. what kind of a cousin are you??!!! don’t you know i’m the world’s greates non-dancing fan of dancehall??? 🙂

    thanks for the wishes sister. keep praying.

  3. hahah..ive just had a seriously disturbin image of ya doin the hip hop 2 sean paul in a tutu outfit..hahahahah

  4. This post has been removed by the author.

  5. it really is a great film.

    the prestige is better.

  6. @ iced mocha: kiddo you have some wierd fantasies. you need help!!!

    @ abbas: i’ve been meaning to watch it but a decent dvd print hasn’t made it to karachi yet…

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