all ways are my ways


as if to further reiterate the union council-ness of the library, a cat has actually brought her 5 kittens and officially squatted under the bookshelf labelled ikhlaqiyaat (ethics) – which, somewhat disturbingly, has orizio’s talk of the devil: encounters with seven dictators in it. the regal attitude of the cat, reflected in the absolute confidence it has in its right of residency in the library displays the effect the karachiite psyche has on all its denizens.

i once asked a friend who’d been involved in the student unions in his college days why the name of his “student organisation” was always attached to what my nani would have called “ungentlemanly conduct”. his answer was simple. “dude, badmashee is a karachi thing.”

which is why neither one of us was surprised when the transvestite beggar at the signal deliberately scratched the side of feica’s car with his/her (i’m never sure what to use here) bracelet after we refused to give him (her?) and his (her?) clapping partner cash.

ahhh karachi. when will you get normal?


8 Responses to “all ways are my ways”

  1. But this is all so delightfully normal. No?

  2. it is indeed

  3. the only karachi thing i can relate to, is being ‘dheet’ to anything and everything. good or bad, i like it. 2 years away from karachi and im in love with the city even more!
    ps- can v solve he/she with an ‘it’? šŸ˜‰

  4. It is the rust of resislience that makes Karachi nahi? I can’t think back to a time when Karachi was not this cornucopia of moody tranvestites and vicious commuters and still laughing bystanders.

  5. thanks for visiting the mad house… i have been ur silent reader ever since u have started writing on KMB. Khair…
    dont search for any symbolic meaning in the cat’s squatting under the books of ethics….a cat is a cat…and i love cats :).
    As for karachitte’s trademark dheet behaviour, maybe that’s how people have started coping with the dug up trenches, the smog, the rash driving, the honking, the obnoxious by standers, the butt pinchers, the beggars and wot not….it was hard to decipher intially why my ancestors chose karachi over say any other city….i still cant decipher that…but some how the city has grown in me, on me…dont want to leave…..
    Any ya these transvitites some how give a hard time to guys… buddies have often gotten embaressed – very embaressed by their comments… – i part with some cash, mom has told me never to offend them….beliefs….fears….wotever@Untamed desires: I see them trying to board the public transport…it’s sad..they arent allowed to stand in either of the compartments…

  6. the wotever was not for untamed desire..but for fears and apprehensions…my lil pinky fell asleep while typing…hence, the lack of space…

  7. @ moizza:

    very much so

    @ tanzila:

    yay! i have regular readers! :)it is indeed sad the way these people get treated on buses. i can understand the confusion of the ‘normal’ people but even in our confusion, we don’t have to be so inconsiderate. this might be a good idea for a post on kmb.

  8. yes u do have regular readers šŸ™‚

    @ tanzila : the typo had been unnoticed until u pointed it out. np abt it. good point u got there abt the public transport and the ‘its’ but i doubt if there is any solution. Xill, do post it on KMB n see if there are any good ides. btw, the present list of commentors on KMB has lots of ajeebse ppl on it so do post on ur own risk :S

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