let burger = wannabe gora


there is the person who comes out and says yaar, itna halka paper to kabhi aya hi nahin. and boy do i hate that kind of person. then there is the kind that comes out with the export quality expletives, froth on his lips, chest heaving as he deals with his anger – well thats not exactly dealing with it, per se but you get the point. there is also the infuriating consumptive type who sits next to you through the 12 hours sounding like there’s a truck starting somewhere deep in his chest. and its not easy to tolerate the geriatric invigilator who wears almost fluorescent suits and lets his bloody jingle bells ringtone ring in the exam hall.

i don’t like them.

ok the guy who said mein icap ki @#$%$##%%$@!!!….. was mildly amusing.

but the most irritating thing you get to hear after the exams is someone saying dude, tera paper kaisa hua? i mean dude, whats with the dude? what happened to our old desi slang like yaar, dost, jigar and even boss? and this from people who seem more naturally attuned to star plus than starbucks if you follow my drift.

if you assume that your classic, for want of a better word, “burger” type is a gora wannabe, then a wannabe is a wannabe wannabe and these guys who wannabe wannabe don’t wannabe burger are actually wannabe wannabe wannabe or wannabe cube to make it simpler. and the thing is spreading. i remember when passing by sir syed college for women at noontime in a bus would mean you’d hear some really interesting comments from the kids in the back. but the same thing gets modified every year.

2000: maamay, piece dekh!

2002: the relatively classier jigar, bachian dekh!

2004: oye yaar copy-aan check kar! confirm position!

2006: buddy, chicks check out ker!

i remember when even i, the self proclaimed linguist, would respond to something like that with oye hoye english! or something to that effect. but everything gets english-er and english-er everyday and sometimes i miss being guaranteed a taste of old style corny punjabi songs in a kali peeli taxi. but the guy today was playing juggy d. which is not that bad but thats not the right flavour. its like going to burns road to eat chinese. like the wierd taste left in the mouth by the movie guy who put bryan adams on the soundtrack of my cousin’s wedding. i was the only one who noticed it wasn’t normal.

maybe i’m just growing old.


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  1. really good!

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