urdu ka janaza hai, zara shaan se nikley


to continue the rant against what seems to be the premature demise of my beloved mother tongue, albeit at a tangent, i present to you the classic case of the end of verbosity in urdu shairee. the class and style has given way to simple efficiency. much like sacrificing the pure talent and artistry of brian lara for the workmanship and efficiency of a ricky ponting. take for example the following couplet from everybody’s favourite classic, mirza ghalib:

jab tak ke na dekha tha qad-e-yaar ka aalam
mein motaqid-e-fitna-e-mehshar na hua tha

now that has to be the classiest way possible to compare your beloved to doomsday, which is a very romantic thing to do in desiland, though i can understand it if my north american and european readers are totally bewildered here. however, you get the same meaning if not the same taste in the mouth with the following couplet, one i read off the back of a water tanker in s.i.t.e. area:

un ko dekh kar hamein yeh yaqeen agaya
qayamat kul paanch foot do inch ki hogi

i can see my poor urdu teacher pulling out his hair in agony. this however is a far classier effort than the standard tanker/bus/rickshaw poetry you manage to read while stuck in the smokey, smoggy karachi traffic jams which have become all too common. case in point:

bulbulon, ghul na karo, yaar hamara sotee hai
tum to urr jata hai, wo ham per khafa hotee hai

i once watched a tv show on which amjad islam amjad claimed that the future iqbals and hasrats would probably come through the ranks of these rickshaw-backside poets. excuse me while i find some rope to hang myself with.


2 Responses to “urdu ka janaza hai, zara shaan se nikley”

  1. bahut bahut khub janab…sher waqai kabil-e-tarif hein


  2. 2 knicq

    I fail to understand what it is that you find missing in the bulbolon wala sher. Khayal afreeni kee had tak to is main mujhey kuch nuqs nazar nahin aata.

    For sheer irony though nothing beats the one liner I had once read on a spanking new bus in Lahore: Kharcha saada nakhrey lokaan de!

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