its not either, its either.


alternatively you could say that its not neither (nee-th-ur), its neither (na-ee-th-ur).  it’s the same old tintin story. thompson with p and thomson without p. speedometer (spid-aw-mit-ur) or the desi speedometer (spee-do-mee-tur). or my old chemistry lab chromatography (kroma-tawg-ruphy) to the lab tech’s chromatography (kro-mat-o-graa-fee). it’s all cool. and nobody gives a shit.

 however, when someone who might just happen to be your engagement partner keeps on saying chaaklait when he’s try to saying chocolate – even though he’s acting like he’s got a british accent that rivals colin firth’s – you begin to wonder if the pwc emblem on the wall really does stand for pakistani water closet as the guys in kpmg and e&y are always implying.

 someone told me that my recent posts come out as if i think im william freaking shakespeare. i have no such delusions. i do, however, feel i can pull off a three minute conversation in english without sounding like sheikh rasheed ahmed. enough said.

 on a totally unrelated note, how does a woman flunk a gender test and still get called a “she”? and for that matter how does one conduct a gender test? such is the subject of debate when the only newspaper the damned admin guys have entitled the audit hall to is the lousy business recorder.  eleven months and eleven days to go. i’m counting every minute.

 corny shair of the day:

tanga raha mundair per, kabhi tu sehan mein ayega

muntazir hoon kisee aur ka, mujhe taarta koi aur hai


2 Responses to “its not either, its either.”

  1. wah wah…well said…

  2. aadab aadab, jazakallah

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