kal mein nay paaon se magarmach mara. magarmach is cockroach, right?


there are certain snakes that can lie in wait for their prey for hours on an end without moving. crocodiles stalking young springboks at the waterholes of darkest africa have been known to have waited for days. even your average gecko is unbeleivably patient as it contemplates whether or not it should rush forward to snap the cockroach between its jaws.

 unfortunately for me, i am not reptilian in nature. so big boss’s “thehar jao. bulata hoon.” is not appreciated. especially when at the end of the day you’re told to try the same thing again the next day. why do all the people with things to do in life get stuck with buffoons for bosses? cosmic imbalance. no wonder the ratio of serial killers to national population is directly proportionate to employment levels. i kid you not. figure it out.

appropriate shair of the day:

zalim ki to aadat hai, satata hi rahey ga

apni bhi tabeeat hai, behaltee hi rahey gee


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