“yeh shaam-e-gham nahin thi, meri subh-e-eid thi”


question: why do i always end up wearing khaadi kurtas with heavily starched white shalwars on eid day?

answer: with the tree trunks i’ve got, a chureedar pyjama (even if i were to consider it) is so not an option.

what was most bugging about this eid – and mind you several things were, from the unprecedented numbers of people ringing the doorbell to ask me for qurbani ki khaalein to the eleven different guys who claimed to be the gali ka jamadar asking for eidee to the guys down the street who sacrificed the camel after inviting half the city to witness what was obviously more of a public entertainment thing than a sacrifice – was the number of celebrities congratulating the public for being so blessed that two great khushian had come to their lives on the same day, namely eid and the new year. say what? how in heck do you compare eid with something that has absolutely no relevance to our culture except for the few national heritage based calendars that get published? our favourite dentist, the maestro, highlighted something even more ironic on the metblog. its somewhat relieving to know that i don’t top the hypocrisy list.

the misraa-e-tarah thing that happened at the family get together was more amusing though. whats more amusing to me is that i’ve actually tried to do something with it. in urdu no less. its obviously a first effort since i’m about as capable of writing something original in urdu as i am in esperanto. so here goes…

tumhein izzat raas nahin aati lekin ghar bhi jaana hai
mazaaq-e-hast hai apna yeh, qissa yeh puraana hai

sudhar gaye hotay tum kab ke, jo hota muqaddar mein
subh hai, shum-e-kushta hai, aur zid pay parwana hai

kabhi hijr mein bhi un ke, tha khauf-e-khuda taari
ab wisl mein bay asar hain, yeh aur zamaanaa hai

abbas lekin yeh baat, bhoolay hain na bhoolein gay
sub jhoot tha faqat yeh to, sukhan ka bahaana hai

now i may not be jigar muradabadi but thats probably enough to have the terror of our family, the subject of this poem, my uncle, getting one of his rare smiles across his face. however, i do not really have the guts to read it to him and woe betide the chuckling cousin who gets this to him. the only reason its on this blog is that as the first kalaam of abbas karachvi, it deserves its shot at posterity.and how many groups of cousins do you know who can discuss gmat tests, abeer aftab’s album, possible business ventures, disgusting bathroom jokes and the funny incidents that you encounter in karachi’s urban transport system within the space of a couple of hours? i love us.


10 Responses to ““yeh shaam-e-gham nahin thi, meri subh-e-eid thi””

  1. lol @ tree trunks!!

    i *so* know what you mean 😦

  2. n a belated Eid Mubarak to you buddy!

  3. thank ye most kindly. and a mery eid to yourself as well. [:)]

  4. 4 icedmocha

    hahahahahahahhah..i cud go on 4ever. im sorri 4 takin so long 2 hed over..kinda 4got uve moved. great ‘kalaam’ yaara! which i cud be with the ‘us’ ppl more often!! u seriously crak me up. ‘however, i do not really have the guts to read it to him’ lolz @ that!

  5. sudhar gaye hotay….par WAAAAH!!! Zabardast….

  6. aadaab aadaab, nawazish, shukriya!! etc etc

  7. get famous na 😛 then i can tell others keh i know the famous ‘auditor’ abbas karachvi 😀

    agar qissa itna purana hei tou umar bhai is right, sudhar jao lolss

  8. for that, you’ll have to arrange for a few hundred guys to go waah waah everytime i open my mouth… 😀

  9. i’ll arrange n u pay them :p just like the ‘extras’ used in the political jalsay lolsss

  10. probably wouldn’t be a prudent investment. as my own auditor, i must voice my concern… 😛

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