four studs, a logo and three leather strips


yes, i notice footwear. sometimes people find it odd, coming as it is from the guy who polishes his shoes every other year.

and yes, i enjoy the sight of pretty little feet pushed forward on the floor, coy yet unabashed, in  a striking contrast to the ankle-length dull-emerald shalwar. they appeal to the inner aesthetic, the one who believes that we should find life in beauty, not look for beauty in life. what bothers me is the pair of sandals. more specifically, the mercedes logo type three pointed star which holds the three strips of leather together. the one distraction that belies the self belief in those, for want of a better word, “un-made-up” feet.

years ago those feet would have been all i needed to fall headlong into yet another wild crush. i would have turned on the flattering, self deprecating charm; felt the adrenaline rush that comes with deciding that you’re in love, had the same butterflies in my stomach, churned out some more nonsensical mushy poetry and maybe read all of erich segal again. in other words, i’d have made a complete ass of myself again while being categorized as just another “corny but harmless” lovesick puppy.

now all i do is give an appreciative inner smile while keeping up the “i’m committed elsewhere” facade.

irritatingly that is what prompts the elbow pokes and knowing grins and stage whispers everytime i look down at the floor. ironic, huh? in irony we lead the world.

but to be fair, maybe my listening to noor jehan’s dil dharaknay ka sabab yaad ayaa over and over again has something to do with it. never mind.


14 Responses to “four studs, a logo and three leather strips”

  1. i would ordinarily insert a foot fetish joke here, but we’re all grown up men here, i wouldn’t want to offend anyone with a latex fetish in the meantime.

  2. heh heh!

    and for the record, name five desis who are not hung up on hands and feet and i’ll call you a liar.

  3. lol 😛

    i can relate xill.. i can totally relate.

    for the record… well groomed hand and feet rock :p

  4. andif they’re beautiful to boot (pun not intended) – ahhh heaven!!! 😉

  5. i cannot relate to this post, magar i got a few pointers 😀 thanx for reminding me how totally crazy guys are! mercedes ki jagah honda ka ‘H’ bana hota tou u wudnt even have to do the “i’m committed elsewhere” facade 😛

  6. *shuts her eyes*

  7. i would have preferred a jag. i’d love to see someone transform that sleek silver animal thing into a shoe worth its salt… 🙂

    and zehr, kiddo, you can open those eyes again. nothing’s happening.

  8. The song’s great an so is feet fetish.Women have it too.

  9. thanks for that bit of info henna. i guess i’ll have to wear socks all the time now 🙂

  10. @Falsaqueen:

    and hands too!

  11. why oh why is it too hot in karachi to wear gloves? now i’ll never be loved.

    ***bangs his head against the wall, sobbing hysterically***

  12. a.. HAND fetish??? :S

    *joins xill in the head banging for pretty much the same reasons*

  13. dang. i even have a competitor for the sympathy vote… 😛

  14. muhahaha 😀

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