of desires and perfidious fate


when i was a kid to be tagged was to become the chaser, not a very useful thing for someone who always preferred the middle distance race to the sprints. but like the huroof-e-illat that break all rules in arabic grammar the implications of being tagged have morphed into something decidedly more tame; what we called guided writing when we were in our o’levels. so i’ve been tagged by the maiden owner (yes its a very corny pun based on his name, m.adenwala – but i was always more beavis than belvedere). so here are things i wanted to be at different stages of my life (with 5 as a minimum).

at five: hmmm, its quite a list. soldier, sailor, policeman, explorer, pilot, boxer…. but if i really had to pin it down, it would be mowgli. man that kid had all the fun. he was partying around the goddamn jungle when we were being told that forks and spoons are not airplanes and shouldn’t be in the air longer than necessary. look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities, forget about your worries and your strife. i mean the bare necessities, old mother nature’s recipes, that bring the bare necessities of life…. damn i can still remember that song!

at ten: joe hardy. no two ways about it. he was the more impulsive, instinctive, – lets just say pakistani – of the two super sleuths. and even in my masoomiat ke din i thought franklin dixon gave him the hotter of the two chicks. i can’t remember frank’ s girlfriend but joe was dating iola morton, chet’s sister. i never forgave dixon for killing her in the case files series.

at fifteen: something of a cross between big shaq, jeffrey archer’s abel rosnovski, adnan khashoggi, agha hasan abedi and the aly khan. essentially the atheletic, rich, powerful, allround ladies’ man. which is pretty normal when the chick you have a crush on is two years your senior and hanging out with the jocks and the party types. for the record, the lucky girl at that time was sonya rizvi, now better known as sonya jehan. and to think we used to bitch about there not being any nice girls in school….

at twenty: scratch the super athlete and multiply the rest by two. though around this time i also wanted to be a global leader, a nobel laureate, bestselling author war hero and mr. superachiever. i would have willingly settled for something as small as being the head of exxon though. even ibm if the times were really hard…

at twenty five: i haven’t got a clue. but being the ceo of pwc and mr. monica bellucci sure would be nice.

keeping the general accounting principle of consistencyin mind, like last time any one who reads this can consider himself, herself or even itself tagged.


8 Responses to “of desires and perfidious fate”

  1. Lolz at itself … haa I still want to e a superman kinda person 🙂

    Pretty interesting blog …!

  2. thank you asma. and thanks for dropping by.

  3. nice! somehow, we shared some of the same childhood i see :p

    Jungle book was my favourite too :p forgot how many times i watched that flick (being it was one of the only cassettes i had and knew how to operate a VCR) 😛

    and good 2 know im not the only clueless person here 😛

  4. n lol @ the pun :p

  5. Did you go to CAS when you were a kid?

  6. um yeah. and even after i was no longer one. don’t tell me you did too.

  7. I didn’t-
    Sonia Jehan and my friends from CAS kind of made sense thus I asked:)

  8. ahhh i’m glad. i’m sick of centarians popping out of the woodwork… 🙂

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