mujhe bank al falah ki diary chahiyeh!!


bank al falah’s theme for 2007’s diary and calendar is awesome. they’ve picked some of faiz’s choicest couplets and loaded them on for each month with some desi artistry in the background. i can’t resist posting the followin two ashaar from the month of may.

agar sharar hai to bharkey, jo phool hai to khilay
tarah tarah ki talab teray rang-e-lab se hai

kahan gaye wo shub-e-furqat ke jaagney waale?
sitara-e-sehari hum-kalaam kab se hai?

wizardry. pure genius.

and on saira’s request:

if a spark, let it burn; if a bud, let it blossom
diverse are my demands from your crimson lips

where are those who nights of separation kept awake?
since when has the morning star been engaged in discussion?


17 Responses to “mujhe bank al falah ki diary chahiyeh!!”

  1. I beg of you. PLEASE post translations. :). Even if they’re the most rudimentary sort. Yes. I do speak Urdu but my literary skills are beyond limited.

    • 2 91Ayaz

      I can teach you Urdu very well, than you don’t need to get it translated.

  2. ask and ye shall recieve. 🙂

  3. and any reader out there who understands faiz – don’t kill me for raping the translation attempt.

  4. finalli…if u be translating faiz, then me can undrstand 2. i now get wot all the fuss is abt! thankiiez

  5. if i be translating faiz for farangans like you, where do i get the urdu version for t s elliot?

  6. Most obliged monsieur. May God heap a thousand blessings on you. And where that came from.. I dunno. 😀

  7. wherever it came from, its very welcome. thanks 🙂

  8. =) faiz, my all time fave poet. sad part is im not an avid fan of urdu poetry except for the few that i heard in ghazals that my dad would hear all the time. im so glad u translated it, it gets easier to understand the tougher words and then make the poetic connections … lol! ..o0(if that makes sense!!)

  9. oho ab tou mujhe bhi chaiay atleast a sneek peak of the diary to see what its all about!

    faiz ke ashaar likhne ka shukriya…’wah wah’ for faiz! 😛

    oh, n wah wah for u too abbas! good translation 🙂

  10. fantastic- he writes beautifully and yep translations work like magic charms for yours truly,thanks for that:)

  11. no idea who or wot farangans are..but i’ll ask mamoojaan. nd lookie here..u got way 2 many compliments 4 the translation! *doesn’t deserve it* t.s. elliot in urdu?? no idea!

    btw did i realli put crayons in the toaster? *laughs @ the idea that xill remembers her childhood*.

  12. ladies (why does faiz always attract ladies? i have to get an “i can quote faiz” teeshirt printed), i’m not wholly responsible for the translation as my irritating cousin has obviously realised. i just modified the ones printed in the now famous bank al falh ki diary. damn. i’m too honest.

    and zehra, not only did you regularly put crayons in the toaster, you invariably blamed your kid brother for it!

  13. nice one!

    if you do intend on putting up poetry, it would be lovely if you would put up translations too 😛

    kuch kuch samajh aate hai phir baatein 😀

  14. i’ll try. but don’t expect to read the kuliyaat-e-faiz like you read the rabaiyat of omar khayyam. 🙂

  15. btw, did u saw Glaxo’s Diary for last yeaR??? It was the same theme i think…. ofcourse me being totally illiterate in shairi I didn’t paid any attention and it gathered dust in the corner of my room…. This year’s however was much better with the theme being art and the artwork was supplied by the children of Machar colony…. where they were first taught about art and how to paint and stuff by the students and teachers of Indus Valley paid by ofcourse… GSK.

  16. i had no clue gsk made decent diaries.

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