“yaar, he’s a shit guy” – totally


said a waiter long ago when asked why the union head was making such a fuss about the quantity of meat in his biryani. the words, while poetic, do not fully reflect the emotion, the meaning, the depth of feeling behind them. they had to be heard. its the tone that conveys meaning, not the language. which is why you understood exactly what the guy with the pushcart meant when you splashed him with puddlewater even though all he said was laka damadam kaura pushta!!! – which let me remind you makes as much sense to you as, let’s say, aamir sohail’s commentary.

and it was in the same tone that the waiter employed that eventful day that little ms. prettyfeet said, somewhat less artfully, “abbas, he’s a pathetic person!” she was referring to el boss of course.

she has my sympathies. he is indeed pathetic. he redefines pathetic. indeed he is as pathetic as the word pathetic in its most intense form can imply. he is to pathetic as sheikh rasheed ahmed is to nuts. he is, in fact, a shit guy.

fortunately, however, the shit guy (man i love this term. it’s so bloody expressive) is under a deluded state of mind that has led him to believe that i am his – for want of better english words – yawar o hamdard. and that works out just fine for me. it keeps him out of my work.

in a totally unrelated aside, i’m having totally inappropriate discussions with totally awesome people. totally kickass, man. that is so totally awesome. i might just have something so totally going here. fingers (totally) crossed.


9 Responses to ““yaar, he’s a shit guy” – totally”

  1. so totally hilarious!!! 😀

    p.s. i have sympthies towards Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, so dont agree he’s nuts :p otherwise… the association would’ve been a good one

  2. ‘totally’ is such a wannabe word..but seeing as ur the one using it, as mansoor rightky put it ‘totalli hilarious’ dudee!

  3. you have sympathies towards rasheed paijaan??!!! i pity you, mansoor. i really do 😛

    zehra, i’m just highlighting the wannabeism.

  4. Totally agree with Mansoor and Icedmocha!

    By the way, I am not a great follower of cricket… still, the bit about Aamir Sohail cracked me up. Some things just make sense to everyone, eh?

  5. thanks for dropping by saadat. and yeah, some things just do 🙂

  6. wannabeism be a bug dude!! totally watch out for urself 😛

  7. tsk tsk!

    if i had a penny for everyone who pitied me…. oh wait, i’d still be poor!!! 😛

  8. hey! that’s the story of my life. you copyright violator, you.

  9. 9 anon

    hmm, wow..who is this special person?
    how did things work out?
    do you have something going?

    and… chewing ice…

    *wandering off thoughtful kind of way*

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